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EV Speakers Legacy Parts List

LEGACY EV Parts List


EV Parts Lists


Sorry, for cross border costs we do not ship out of Canada.






Electrovoice, Electro-voice, Telex, Bosch, EV, 100S, AMP, B-115, B1150M, B-210, B2150M, B-410, BIPLEX M, BK315, CD35, CD35 1, CM12-2, CX100, DML-1122AP, DML-1122APF, DML-1152AP , DML-1152APF, DML-1152MC, DML-2181AP, DML-, 181APF, DMS-1122/85PF, DMS-1152/64P, DMS1152/64PF, DMS1181P, DMS1181PF, DMS1183/64PF, DMS2112, DMS2122/42PF, DMS-2181PF, DTS-640 (NOT REPAIRABLE), EJ1, EJ1X, EJ2, ELIMINATOR, ELIMINATOR  I  DOUBLE, ELIMINATOR  I E, ELIMINATOR  I SUB, ELIMINATOR  I SUB, ELIMINATOR  ii (OLD), ELIMINATOR I (NEW), ELIMINATOR I , OLD), ELIMINATOR I SUB  E, ELIMINATOR-DE, ELIMINATOR-E, ELIMINATOR-KW, ELIMINATOR-M, ELIMINATOR-ME, ELIMINATOR-S, ELIMINATOR-SE, EM12CX, EVI12-BLK, EVI12UN, EVI12WH, EVI15-BLK, EVI15-UN, EVI15-WH, EVI-28A, EVI28-BLK, EVI28-UN, EVI28-WH, EVID 12.1-BLK, EVID 12.1P - BLK, EVID 12.1P - WH, EVID 12.1-WH, EVID 3.2 180 ARRAY , IT, EVID 3.2 360 ARRAY KIT, EVID 3.2-BLK, EVID 3.2T-BLK, EVID 3.2T-WH, EVID 3.2-WH, EVID 4.2 180 ARRAY KIT, EVID 4.2 , 60 ARRAY KIT, EVID 4.2-BLK, EVID 4.2T-BLK, EVID 4.2T-WH, EVID 4.2-WH, EVID 6.2 180 ARRAY KIT, EVID 6.2 360 ARRAY , IT, EVID 6.2-BLK, EVID 6.2T-BLK, EVID 6.2T-WH, EVID 6.2-WH, EVID C10.1, EVID C4.2, EVID C8.2, EVID C8.2 LP, EVID , 8.2HC, EVID MONITOR, EVID SL6.2 M, FM1202, FM1202ER, FM12-2, FM12-2A, FM12-3, FM12-3A, FM12C, FM1502, FM1502ER, FORCE, FORCE E, FORCE I  , FORCE I  25, FORCE I E, FORCE I MONITOR, FORCE I MONITOR E, FORCE I SUB, FORCE I SUB E, FORCE MONITOR, FORCE MONITOR-E, FORCE SUB, FORCE SUB-E, FR10-2B, FR10-2B-16, FR12-2, FR12-2B, FR15-2, FR200, FR200B, FR300, FRI+122/64-BLK, FRI+122/64-UN, FRI+122/64-WH, FRI+122/66-BLK, FRI+122/66-UN, FRI+122/66-WH, FRI+122/94-BLK, FRI+122/94-UN, FRI+122/94-WH, FRI+152/64-BLK, FRI+152/64-UN, FRI+152/64-WH, FRI+152/66-BLK, FRI+152/66-UN, FRI+152/66-WH, FRI+152/94-BLK, FRI+152/94-UN, FRI+152/94-WH, FRI+181S-BLK, FRI+181S-UN, FRI+181S-WH, FRI-122/64-BLK, FRI-122/64-UN, FRI-122/64-WH, FRI-122/85-BLK, FRI-122/85-UN, FRI-122/85-, H, FRI-152/64-BLK, FRI-152/64-UN, FRI-152/64-WH, FRI-152/85-BLK, FRI-152/85-UN, FRI-152/85-WH, FRI-181S-BLK, FRI-181S-, N, FRI-181S-WH, FRI-2082-BLK, FRI-2082-UN, FRI-2082-WH, FRI-28LPM-BLK, FRI-28LPM-WH, FRX+181-BLK, FRX+181-UN, FRX+181-WH, FRX+640 PI  BLACK, FRX+640 PI  WHITE, FRX+640-BLK, FRX+640-UN, FRX+640-WH, FRX+660 PI  BLACK, FRX+660 PI  WHITE, FRX+660-BLK, FRX+660-UN, FRX+660-WH, FRX+940 PI  BLACK, FRX+940 PI  WHITE, FRX+940-BLK, FRX+940-UN, FRX+940-WH, FRX122-BLK, FRX122-UN, FRX122-WH, FRX-181-BLK, FRX-181-UN, FRX-181-WH, FRX640-BLK, FRX640-UN, FRX640-WH, FRX-660-BLK, FRX-660-UN, FRX-660-WH, FRX940-BLK, FRX940-UN, FRX940-WH, FS-212, FS-, 12AC, GLADIATOR, GLADIATOR SUB, HIGH-Q, HIGH-QE, HPK9040, HPK9040, HPK-9040, HPK940, HPK940, HPK940, HPK-, 92 , HPK992E, HPK-992E, HPK-Variplex XL, HPX-VARIPLEX, INTERFACE D, INTERFACE D II, INTERFACE D IV, M-12G, MH4020, MH4020A, MH4020AC, MH4020C, MH4020N, MH4020NC, MH6040, MH6040A, MH6040AC, MH6040C, MH640AC, MH640C, MH660C, MH660P, MH9040, MH9040A, MH9040AC, MH9040C, MH940C, MH940P, MS-802, MTH-1, MTH-2.5/22BCF, MTH-2.5/22BTCF, MTH-2.5/42BCF, MTH-2.5/42BTCF, MTH-2.5/64BC, MTH-2.5/64BC, MTH-2.5/64BCF, MTH-2.5/64BTC, MTH-, .5/64BTCF, MTH-2.5/94BTC, MTH-2.5/94BTCF, MTH-2/64BTC, MTH-2/64BTCF, MTH-2/64CF, MTH-2/94ACF, MTH-2/94BCF, MTH-2/94BD, MTH-2/94BTCF, MTH-2/94CF, MTH-25/64BCF, MTH-4, MTH-4.5/42BCF, MTH-4.5/42BP, MTH-4.5/42BPF, MTH-, .5/64BC, MTH-4.5/64BC, MTH-4.5/64BCF, MTH-4.5/64BP, MTH-4.5/64BPF, MTH-4/41BC, MTH-4/41BCF, MTH-4/42BP, MTH-, /42BPF, MTH-4/64BC, MTH-4/64BCF, MTH-4/64BP, MTH-4/64BPF, MTH-4AC, MTH-4ACF, MTH-4AP, MTH-4APF, MTH-4F, MTH-, P, MTH-4PF, MTL-1, MTL-1X, MTL-2ACF, MTL-2BC, MTL-2BCF, MTL-2BTC, MTL-2BTCF, MTL-2CF, MTL-4, MTL-4AC, MTL-, ACF, MTL-4AP, MTL-4APF, MTL-4BC, MTL-4BCF, MTL-4BP, MTL-4BPF, MTL-4F, MTL4P, MTL-4PF, MTS-1, MUSICASTER 100, MUSICASTER 100, MUSICASTER 100G, PI100, PI115L, PI12-2, PI15-3, PI218L, PI64, PI640C, PI6415, PI660C, PI6615, PI94, PI940C, PI9415, PLASMA P1 LEFT  120V, PLASMA P1 RIGHT  120V, PLASMA P2 SUB   120V, PX1122M, PX1152, PX1152M, PX1181, PX2122, PX2152, PX2181, PX4181, QRX 212-BLK, QRX 212-UN, QRX 212-WH, QRX 218S FLY DBL-BLK, QRX 218S , LY DBL-UN, QRX 218S FLY DBL-WH, QRX 218S-BLK, QRX 218S-UN, QRX 218S-WH, QRX-112/75-BLK, QRX-112/75-UN, QRX-, 12/75-WH, QRX-115/75-BLK, QRX-115/75-UN, QRX-115/75-WH, QRX-118S-BLK, QRX-118S-UN, QRX-118S-WH, QRX-153/75-, LK, QRX-153/75-UN, QRX-153/75-WH, S12, S-1202, S-1202ER, S-122, S12-2, S12-2A, S12-E, S15, S-1503, S-1503ER, S-152, S15-3, S15-3A, S15-E, S15-M, S15M-E, S18, S-1803, S-1803ER, S-181, S18-3,3A, S188-E, S18-E, S200, S-40B, S-40TB, S-40TW, S-40W, S-60A, S-60B, S-60TB, S-60TW, S-60W, S-80A, SA152, SB 120 BLK, SB 120 WH, SB 120A, SB 120A/230 CE, SB , 21, SB 121 A — 110V, SB 121 A — 230V, SB 121 A — 240V, SB 180, SB122  BLACK, SB122  WHITE, SB122 PI  BLACK, SB122 PI  , HITE, SB122 PIX BLACK, SB122 PIX WHITE, SB2A  BLACK, SB2A  WHITE, SBA 750, SBA 760, SENTRY 100A, SENTRY , 00EL, SENTRY 4, SENTRY 4B, SENTRY 500, SENTRY 505, SENTRY3 3/2, SH-1502, SH-1502ER, SH-1512, SH-1512ER, SH-, 810, SH-1810ER, SH-1810H-ER, SH-1810L-ER, SH-1810S-ER, SL10-2V, SL12-12H, SL12-2V, SL15-2H, SL8.2 CINEMA, SX 325, SX 325 white, SX100, SX100+, SX100+E, SX100+W, SX100W, SX200, SX200A, SX200A (export), SX200E, SX200P, SX200W, SX200W-E, SX200W-P, SX250-BLK, SX250-UN, SX250-WH, SX300A   110V, SX300A   240V, SX300A  230V, SX300E, SX300P, SX300PI, SX300PI-W, SX300PIX, SX300PIX-W, SX300WE, SX300WP, SX320PIX, SX500, SX500+, SX500A, SX500G+, SX500PI, SX500PI+, SX500W, SX600PI, SX600PIX, SX80B, SX80BE, SX80BP, SX80PI, SX80PIX, SX80TB, SX80TW, SX80W, SX80WE, SX80WP, SXA100   120V, SXA100   230V/240V, SXA100+   115V, SXA100+   230V, SXA180    120V, SXA180    230V, SXA250    , 30V, SXA250   120V, SXA360    120V, SXA360   230/240V, T15i, T18, T180, T22, T22+, T221, T221M, T251, T251+, T251i, T252, T252+, T351, T52, T52+, T53, T55+, TL12-1, TL12-1E, TL15-1, TL15-15SX, TL15-1ES, TL15-1XS, TL15-1XSX, TL15-2, TL18-1, TL18-1ES, TL3512, TL440, TL440M, TL550D, TL606AX, TL606AX808,  TL606AX808, TL606DMT, TL606DMT, TL606DMT (Low , req), TL606DW, TL606DW, TL606DW, TL606DX, TL606DX504, TL606DX504, TL606DX504, TL606MXL, TL606MXL, TL606ST, TL606ST, TL606ST, TL660M, TL770D, TL806AX, TL808DX, TL880D, TL880DM, TL880P, TL960, TS12-2, TS550D-LX, TS8-2, TS9040D, TS9040D-LX, TS940D, TS940D-LX, TS940S, TS992E, TS992ELX, TS992-LX, TS992-M, T-W S/A, TX 1122  TOURX, TX 1122FM  TOURX, TX 1152  TOURX, TX 1152FM  TOURX, TX 1181  TOURX, TX 2152  TOURX, TX 2181  TOURX, VARIPLEX, VARIPLEX   EX HPK, VARIPLEX  B, VARIPLEX  EX, VARIPLEX  II HP, VARIPLEX  II XL, VARIPLEX  M, VARIPLEX  XL, VARIPLEX II, VARIPLEX II, WOFER, XB , XCB, XCN, XCS 312 Black, XCS 312 White, XDS, XEQ 1108, XEQ 1108, XEQ504, XEQ504, XEQ504, XEQ808, XEQ808, XF, XFIL, XFIL-2, XI-1082, XI-1122/85F, XI-1123/106F, XI-1123A/106F, XI-1152/64F, XI-, 152/94F, XI-1152A/64F   BLACK, XI-1152A/64F   WHITE, XI-1153/64F, XI-1153A /64F, XI-1183/64F, XI-1183A /64F, XI-1191, XI-, 191F, XI-2122/42F, XI-2123, XI-2153/64F, XI-2153A /64F, XI-2181, XI-2181F, XI-2183/64F, XLC-118, XLC-127, XLC-127 DVX, XLC-127+, XLC-215 BLACK INSTALL, XLC-215 FLYING, XLC-215 WHITE INSTALL, XLC907DVX, XLCi-127, XLCi-127+, XLCi907DVX    BLACK, XLCi907DVX    WHITE, XLD 280 BLACK, XLD 281 BLACK NO LOGO, XLD 281 UNFINISHED, XLD 281 , HITE, XLD 281 WHITE NO LOGO, XLD 291  BLACK, XLD 291  BLACK   NO LOGO, XLD 291  UNFINISHED, XLD 291  WHITE, XLD 291  WHITE    NO LOGO, XLE 181, XLE 191  BLACK, XLE 191  BLACK   NO LOGO, XLE 191  UNFINISHED, XLE 191  , HITE, XLE 191  WHITE    NO LOGO, XN, XOVER, XS212, X-SUB, X-SUB-F, XVLS, XVLT, XW12, XW12A, XW15, XW15A, ZX1- , 0TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, ZX1-100  WHITE, ZX1-100 BLACK, ZX1-90 BLACK, ZX1-90 WHITE, ZX1i - 100  BLACK, ZX1i - , 00  WHITE, ZX1i - 100T  BLACK, ZX1i - 100T  WHITE, ZX1i - 90  BLACK, ZX1i - 90  WHITE, ZX1i - 90T  BLACK, ZX1i - 90TW, ZX3 - 60B, ZX3 - 60PI-B, ZX3 - 60PI-W, ZX3 - 60W, ZX3 - 90B, ZX3 - 90PI-B, ZX3 - 90PI-W, ZX3 - 90W, ZX4, ZX5 - 60B, ZX5 - , 0PI  WHITE, ZX5 - 60PI BLACK, ZX5 - 60W, ZX5 - 90B, ZX5 - 90PI  BLACK, ZX5 - 90PI  WHITE, ZX5 - 90W, ZXA5 60B, ZXA5 90B