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Return Procedure

Return Procedure and Tips

Please call ahead and notify us that you are returning a product for repair or warranty work. This will help us document the details and issue an RMA tracking #

For RMA and general instructions rmamailClick to Email

Contact Rick for technical questions and RMA’s RickMailClick to Email

Packing is extremely important (note shipping damage on warranty returns is not covered)


This unit was not properly packaged at all.  Styrofoam should not be used.  If there is no choice the unit should have been placed in a bag, then put in the box.  Styrofoam peanuts are not recommended as they are highly static.  Any resulting damage will not be covered under warranty.  The unit above had to be extensively cleaned before repair, resulting in an extra charge to the customer that was not covered under warranty.





 Poor Packaging  Putting two units in one box
(no packing to separate Units).
 Damaged equipment
 (not covered under warranty)


  • Use sturdy boxes with flaps intact. Use double-wall boxes for heavier items.
  • If reusing a box, make sure there are no holes, tears or corner dents.
  • Cover sharp or protruding edges with taped corrugated panels or pads.
  • Make sure your box is large enough to put adequate padding around contents.
  • Use a minimum of 2 “- 3 “ of packing material all around the item - more for fragile items. Do NOT use loose “peanuts”
  • Use enough packing material so that the item does not shift or move during transit.
  • If you’re shipping many items in a box, wrap them separately and put sufficient packing material between them.

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